Become a Buttermilk Bender with These Creamy and Delicious Recipes

Become a Buttermilk Bender with These Creamy and Delicious Recipes | 3.76 MB English | 56 Pages Title: Become a Buttermilk Bender with These Creamy and Delicious Recipes: Leave No Leftover with this Buttermilk Cookbook!
Author: Alicia T. White
Year: 2022

Description: Before I got sucked up into the world of amazing ways that I can use buttermilk to create impressive delicacies, there was an incident that happened and stuck in my mind.

On a certain Thanksgiving, my cousin Bella gifted me a carton of creamy buttermilk. I was delighted as I needed them to make some delicious buttermilk biscuits and buttermilk pancakes for Thanksgiving desserts.

Fast forward to a few weeks after that, my leftover cans of buttermilk and I were staring at each other.

I was devoid of ideas on how else to prepare anything with buttermilk except making buttermilk biscuits and pancakes!

Guess what I did! I ended up tossing them out into the trash because I felt I had no need for them.

Years after, after learning different sweet ways that I could bend buttermilk to my satisfaction, I couldn’t stop feeling bad for those precious buttermilk cans that I threw away!!!

If you have been in the business of tossing out your unused or leftover buttermilk before now, you need to stop that habit and join the league of buttermilk benders like me!!

To become one of the best buttermilk benders in the world, curating and creating different amazing buttermilk delicacies, this is the best recipe book for you!!!

In this cookbook, you would find interesting, rich, and tasty buttermilk recipes that will have you buying buttermilk every other day!!

Get a copy now!!

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