Youtube Channel Marketing How To Increase Your Subscribers

Last updated 9/2015
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YouTube Secrets – Become a Successful YouTuber. All Secrets, Strategies & Tactics revealed – With no prior experience!

What you’ll learn
Become successful on YouTube, with no prior experience etc. Everything is supplied fro free.
Learn how to grow your audience successfully "Subscribers" with no cheating, every time
Learn how to optimize your YouTube channel and showcase it more professionally on YouTube. No shortcuts, no cheating
Learn how to make money on YouTube & Increase that income month after month
Learn how to build a profiting relationship / collaboration on YouTube. No Spamming, no cheating. Works all the time "Guaranteed"
Only an internet connected computer – There’s nothing extra to pay out at any time
Gmail Account – For your own YouTube Channel
Google Adsense Account – Only Need this after time – Get going with your Channel
BECOME A SUCCESSFUL YOUTUBER TODAY & MAKE MONEY! MORE THAN 2600 STUDENTS HAVE ENROLLED ALREADY90+ YOUTUBE LESSONS " Learn all YouTube secrets today "LATEST COURSE UPDATE – 28 March 2019Dozen of 5 Star Reviews from really Happy & Satisfied StudentsNo Prior YouTube knowledge needed "Seriously"All future & additional lectures will always be free of charge PROOF – My YouTube Channels – Retutpro Photography & Photoshop 50K+ Subscribers – June 2014Retutpro Photography & Photoshop 78K+ Subscribers – August 2015Retutpro Photography & Photoshop 93K+ Subscribers – September 2016Tronix Designs 1K+ Subscribers – June 2014Tronix Designs 15K+ Subscribers – August 2015Tronix Designs 40K+ Subscribers – September 2016 FRUSTRATED & DESPERATELY WANT TO SUCCEED ON YOUTUBE? AND WITH NO PRIOR YOUTUBE KNOWLEDGE?AND DO IT EASILY AND INSTANTLY?AND WIN SPONSORSHIPS?AND WITH NO NETWORK PARTNER?AND MAKE GOOD MONEY "Then this course is for you" What This Course Entails: I will teach you how to be successful on youtube, so don’t worry if you don’t have prior experience with YouTube. Follow my lead and I’ll teach you to be successful at it! “Seriously" What others say about this course: By Patricia EspinozaExcellent course! – I’ve taken quite a few courses on youtube and video making. Manny’s course is in the top two. LOTS of excellent tips on how to set up and grow your youtube channel. He even offers templates on the channel art, the video description, the thumbnails, etc. I’m very pleased with this course, and I highly recommend it if you’re wanting to get started on youtube. I was averaging 100 subs per month. After implementing most of these tips, I’m a few subs shy of 300 per month –and still growing! I say most tips, because I haven’t had the time to do everything yet. Thanks so much Manny for delivering a top-notch course, I appreciate it! All my YouTube instructions form part of a comprehensive guide that can help you to accomplish your goals by applying these tactics, strategies & secrets. During the lesson you get to eavesdrop as I explain, giving you some insight as to how become successful instantly. The idea is to understand the GAME of YOUTUBE! "Anyone can do this, you just need to know the steps" Whether you have previous experience with YouTube or not, it doesn’t matter. Apply your knowledge for all your videos and channels, every day and you could be making huge subscriber numbers quickly and good money! Just like me. "And I’m not kidding when I say that you need no prior YouTube knowledge!" "Once you have enrolled" All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free. Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee – that’s my personal promise of your success! Some of the many topics we’re covering,Explore the YouTube world with no prior YouTube knowledgeHow to become a successful YouTuber "Promise"How to make money with your YouTube channel instantly!How to build & design a professional YouTube channelHow to grow a big audience successfully " More Subscribers"How to build a profitable relationship / YouTube collaborationHow to win YouTube haters or bad comments overHow to integrate google adsense into your YouTube channelShould you sign a YouTube network contract? "BIG TOPIC"How to work with your YouTube watch time & End cardsHow to optimize your YouTube uploading process … and much, much more! Intrigued yet? Then keep reading! As with all my courses: the initial low price will increase shortly. This one is currently $99 and it will soon upgrade to $199 so join in now! "You will have unlimited lifetime access at no extra cost" Bonus: all future additional lectures, extras, etc in this course are always free. There’s an unconditional, no-questions-asked full 30-day money-back guarantee! I’m known for always offering support in Udemy, so feel free to shout out if you’re stuck or need assistance. "I’m here to help" One final note: My goal is to make you successful on YouTube, so don’t stress about not having worked with YouTube before. "I do my best to make it simple, fun & informative " I’ve crammed all my knowledge about YouTube into over 89 YouTube lessons! After going through this course you’ll be able to make good money with YouTube, build a great channel and gain many subscribers. “Promise" All you have to do is click on the "take this course" button on the top right corner. You have nothing to lose. In fact, you’ve got a lot to gain. And the best part of all? IT’S ONLY $99! Thank you, Manni
Section 1: UPDATE: YouTube Secrets – How To Become A Successful YouTuber Today!
Lecture 1 Your YouTube Success Starts Here – Just Follow These Simple Steps!
Lecture 2 FAQ – Your Answer Might Be In Here
Section 2: Proof – Make Easy Money & Gain Subscribers
Lecture 3 FREE PREVIEW: How Much Money Do I Make With YouTube & Gain Subscribers Rapidly
Lecture 4 FREE PREVIEW: Use This Secret Tool & See How Much I & Other YouTubers Make
Section 3: Important – Starting Out On YouTube & Taking Your First Steps
Lecture 5 VERY IMPORTANT: What Or Who Am I On YouTube
Lecture 6 FAME, MONEY or BUSINESS: Which YouTube Path Will You Take?
Section 4: Start Making Money – Setting Up Your YouTube Channel
Lecture 7 VERY IMPORTANT: Please Read This Before You Will Continue
Lecture 8 Starting Out With Your YouTube Channel Concept – Take A Step Back!
Lecture 9 YouTube Update: Url’s Are Now Only Supported After 500 Subscribers
Lecture 10 Start Building Your YouTube Channel & Focus On An Url Name
Lecture 11 FREE LESSONS: Referring You To Two Amazing YouTube Creators & Builders!
Lecture 12 YouTube Secrets: Understanding Profiles & Channel Art
Lecture 13 How To Create A YouTube Profile In Photoshop – Download Files!
Lecture 14 How To Create A YouTube Channel Art In Photoshop – Download Files!
Lecture 15 Adding Your YouTube Profile, Channel Art & Setup Layout
Lecture 16 Building & Adding Your YouTube About Sections – Very Important
Lecture 17 Building & Adding Details To Your Discussion Tab
Lecture 18 Building & Adding Details To Your Channels Tab
Lecture 19 Building & Adding Details To Your Playlists Tab – Very Important
Section 5: Start Understanding Your Video Manager & Its Secrets
Lecture 20 VERY IMPORTANT: Please Read This Before You Will Continue
Lecture 21 Working & Understanding Your Youtube Dashboard
Lecture 22 Working & Understanding Your Youtube Video Manager Tab
Lecture 23 Working & Understanding The Community Tab – Comments
Lecture 24 Working & Understanding The Channel Tab – Status & Features
Lecture 25 YouTube Verification Process & Enable Channel Features
Lecture 26 Working & Understanding The Channel Tab – Upload Defaults – Very Important
Lecture 27 Full Explanation – Upload Default Description Text – Very Important
Lecture 28 Working & Understanding The Channel Tab – InVideo Programming
Lecture 29 Working & Understanding The Channel Tab – Fan Finder
Lecture 30 Working & Understanding The Channel Tab – Advanced Features
Lecture 31 Understanding The Analytics & Create Tab – Quick Explanation!
Section 6: Why Playlists Are So Important & How You Should Work With Them
Lecture 32 Why It’s Essential To Create Playlists
Lecture 33 More Subscribers With Secret Playlist Trick
Section 7: More Success, Subscribers & Revenue With The Video Concepts
Lecture 34 Instant Success With The Video Concept
Lecture 35 YouTube Update: No more Branding Introductions Available
Lecture 36 Understanding Your Video Intro & Branding Placement
Lecture 37 The Hidden Advertisement & Sponsor Secrets
Lecture 38 Important: Understanding The Power Of End Cards
Lecture 39 Quality Video Content – Hidden Video Concept Behaviour
Lecture 40 Follow The Steps – Hidden Video Concept Behaviour
Lecture 41 Understanding Video Time & Length
Lecture 42 Double Your Subscribers Count – With This Simple Technique
Lecture 43 YouTube Update: In video Programming Changed
Section 8: THUMBNAILS: More Subscribers, Views & Revenue
Lecture 44 Common Mistake – Choosing the Wrong Thumbnails
Lecture 45 Inspiration – Great YouTube Thumbnail Designs & Styles
Lecture 46 Get Started – Design Your Thumbnail Concept
Lecture 47 Your Thumbnail Design – Selecting Your Preferred Design
Section 9: GET MORE VIEWS: All Hidden Video Upload Techniques Revealed
Lecture 48 Use This Secret Plugin In Order To Get More Views & Subscribers
Lecture 49 Get More Views With These Upload Techniques
Lecture 50 UPDATE: The Hidden Hashtag Techniques
Lecture 51 UPDATE: Youtube Channel Search – Tags Play A Bigger Roll Now!
Lecture 52 Uploading Video – Ready To Publish Your Video
Lecture 53 MORE REVENUE: The Forgotten Monetization Steps – Don’t Miss It
Lecture 54 What Are Annotations & How To Use Them Correctly
Lecture 55 Your Most Important Annotations – Don’t Miss This
Lecture 56 Update: YouTube Card Systems – Keep Your Traffic Hocked
Lecture 57 Your First Step – Successfully Published Your Video
Lecture 58 UPDATE: The Forgotten Backlink Techniques
Section 10: GET INSTANT SUBSCRIBERS: YouTubes Commenting Techniques
Lecture 59 Understanding Why Commenting & Interacting Is Important
Lecture 60 SECRET: How To Win Subscribers Through Commenting
Lecture 61 Rude Comments & How To Win Hater Fans Over To True Fans
Lecture 62 UPDATE: Take Advantage Of Social Media Communities
Section 11: COLLABORATIONS: The Key To Instant Subscriber Growth
Lecture 63 VERY IMPORTANT: Finding The Right YouTube Collaborators
Lecture 64 How To Win A Collaboration & Have Success Through New Subscribers
Lecture 65 VERY IMPORTANT: Collaboration Examples & Results
Lecture 66 More Collaboration Techniques – Success Guaranteed
Section 12: IMPORTANT: Why You Should Look Into Your Analytics
Lecture 67 Taking A Closer Look At Our Analytics Dashboard
Lecture 68 Why It’s Important To Work With Your Youtube Realtime Analytics
Lecture 69 Understanding Your View & Traffic For More Growth
Lecture 70 Understanding Your Demographics & What To Do With It!
Lecture 71 Understand What & How Is Your Traffics Sources Driven
Lecture 72 VERY IMPORTANT:Why It’s So Important To Constantly Watch Your Audience Retention
Lecture 73 Understand Why You Gain Subscriber & Loss Some
Lecture 74 Why You Shouldn’t Take Youtube Likes & Dislikes To Serious
Lecture 75 Understanding Your YouTube Sharing & Annotations Secrets
Section 13: MAKE MORE MONEY: YouTube Sponsors, Ads & Network Partners
Lecture 76 SPONSORS: What, When & How Do I Join A YouTube Sponsor
Lecture 77 SPONSORSHIP: How Do I Prepare For 100% Success & Winning The Agreement
Lecture 78 SPONSORSHIP: Examples & More Details – Preparation Is The Key To Success
Lecture 79 SPONSORSHIP: How Much Money To Charge For My Video Sponsorship
Lecture 80 AFFILIATED MARKET SYSTEM: Use These Steps To Make More Revenue
Lecture 81 MORE REVENUE: 7 Strategies To Make More Money With Your Channel
Lecture 82 IMPORTANT: Should You Join A Network Partner Or Rather Not?
Lecture 83 IT’S UP TO YOU: Make The Decision And Join Or Not
Lecture 84 PROPOSAL 1: What Youtube Network Partners Have To Offer
Lecture 85 PROPOSAL 2: What Youtube Network Partners Have To Offer
Lecture 86 PROPOSAL 3: What Youtube Network Partners Have To Offer
Lecture 87 New Channel Sponsorship Opportunities – How, What & Where
Section 14: COPYRIGHT CLAIM: What To Do & Watch Out For When Creating A video
Lecture 88 OOPS: I’ve Got A CopyRighted Song On My Video
Section 15: WAKE UP: The YouTube Reality & Not Spoken About Topics
Lecture 89 YOUTUBE REALITY: A few facts about YouTube that might affect you
Section 16: IMPORTANT: The Real YouTube Secrets To Instant Success
Lecture 90 The Biggest Mistake You Can Make
Lecture 91 The 10 Best YouTube Tips I Can Give You – Don’t Miss It
Lecture 92 Reaching The 10000 Subscriber Mark
Lecture 93 A Bit Of Inspiration For Your Channel
Lecture 94 The Youtube Video Game – Concept
Lecture 95 A Few More Tips For Your YouTube Success
Section 17: Frequently Asked Question About YouTube Channels
Lecture 96 Bonus Lecture – More Great Stuff
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