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Published 8/2022
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Everything you need to know about the psychology of eating, habits and how to transform your relationship with thoughts

What you’ll learn
Learn how psychology influences our eating behaviours
Find out how life experiences shape our unique ‘food fingerprint’
Understand the psychology behind cravings and how to manage them effectively
Discover how to harness the power of habit when it comes to food
Learn how to break old habits and make new ones using a simple habit formula
Use psychological interventions to overcome thoughts that get in the way of you making changes you really want to make
This course is designed for any body who wants to learn about the psychology of eating
This course is written by Dr. Esme Banting, a Clinical Psychologist from the University of Oxford who specialises in all things food, eating and weight, with expert input from Heather Pursey, a Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in effective behaviour change. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about the psychology of eating!One reason that diets often don’t work in the long term is that they miss out a really important thing – our psychology! There are so many factors that influence our eating behaviour and we believe that understanding THIS is key to having a health relationship with food.We cover topics including:How genetics influences our psychology and eating behaviour – why no two people’s relationship with food is ever the same!How our own life experiences play a role in creating our unique ‘food fingerprint’How eating can turn into a habit over time and also lead to patterns of emotional eatingWhat cravings are, why we get them and how we can respond to them effectivelyHow the food environment we live in shapes our eating behaviour and ways to manage this to take care of your health.Next we delve deeper into the psychology of habits…We look at how much of our day to day lives are driven by habit and the impact that this can have on our eating and health.We explore the power of habit when it comes to food and help you become more aware of what your eating habits are. We look at how we can use a simple habit formula to effectively create new habits that promote health AND break old habits that are no longer serving us.Finally we take a look at an area that is often totally overlooked by other courses on the psychology of eating… how to tackle problematic thoughts that get in the way of you making the changes you really want to make!We start by exploring what thoughts actually are.You will discover the fascinating reasons why we as human beings have actually been designed to think in certain ways.We will explore steps you can take to transform your relationship with your thoughts so you can more effectively do what matters to you. This course is created by The Curvy Wellness Company who specialise in providing evidence based advice to empower people to make decisions that REALLY benefit their health. This bundle is fantastic value for money – you won’t want to miss out!Short on time to sit and watch a course? Our courses are designed so you can watch them as a video OR listen to them as an audio track.We have created helpful worksheets that complement the content and will support you in applying the techniques that are discussed.If you purchase this course via Udemy you will have lifetime access! This means you can watch it at a time and pace that suits you, and as many times as you want!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Genetics and psychology
Lecture 3 The food fingerprint
Lecture 4 Eating behaviours
Lecture 5 Introduction to cravings
Lecture 6 The role of the world around us
Lecture 7 It’s complex!
Section 2: Habits
Lecture 8 Introduction
Lecture 9 What is a habit?
Lecture 10 Habit tracking
Lecture 11 Habit loops
Lecture 12 Making new habits
Lecture 13 Some tips on rewards
Lecture 14 How long does it take to make a new habit?
Lecture 15 Breaking habits
Lecture 16 Habit hacks
Section 3: Responding to thoughts
Lecture 17 What is a thought?
Lecture 18 Why our minds are designed to think negatively
Lecture 19 Common myths about thoughts
Lecture 20 Changing your relationship with thoughts: how to notice your thinking
Lecture 21 Thinking patterns
Lecture 22 Evaluating the helpfulness of your thoughts
Lecture 23 Choosing how to respond to thoughts
Lecture 24 Top tips for changing your relationship with your thoughts
Individuals, health coaches, nutritionists, psychologists, health care providers



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