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Published 8/2022
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Letters C, D, K, R, S and T from Franz Bardon’s Kabbalah

What you’ll learn
Learn how to work with fire element variants
Learn to work with three-point concentration
Learn to work with energetic meditation
Learn to increase willpower
Three point-concentration and the ability to feel energy with your hands
Twenty-seven letters made known to man.the original magic of the Egyptians, Phoenicians and Hermeticists of old.the God levers..the rarest of magics and the one that is known only to man. Welcome to the Kabbalah as known to Franz Bardon.The trouble is, who are you going to learn this from? Maybe three to four hundred people worldwide practice the method. Well, SixtySkills has you covered.If you aren’t from a Hermetics lineage, no worries, SixtySkills has you covered. As long as you are familiar with the ball above head method from a system like Tibetan Buddhism, or some of the tantric yoga groups, and can feel subtle energy with your hands you are good.So far, the course has covered the mother letters of Sch (fire), A (air), M (water) and umlaut A (earth).But that leaves, at least, another 22. Here you get access C, D, K, R, S and T. These are the subvariants of fire energy. And boy do they pack a punch. C deals with rites of the Eucharist, D with virility, R is a back door to the sun sphere and a whole lot more.In addition, the ball above head method demonstrated here provides a functional methodology into working with all the other elements and a clear pathway to do so. So, join SixtySkills today and learn all about the subvariants of fire energy.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Requirements
Section 2: Theory
Lecture 3 Why learn to work with the letter C, D, K, R, S and T
Lecture 4 A reading on the letter C
Lecture 5 A reading on the letter D
Lecture 6 A reading on the letter K
Lecture 7 A reading on the letter R
Lecture 8 A reading on the letter S
Lecture 9 A reading on the letter T
Lecture 10 Need to Counterblanace
Section 3: Practice
Lecture 11 How to Ventilate
Lecture 12 Invocation of the letter C
Lecture 13 Invocation of the letter D
Lecture 14 Invocation of the letter K
Lecture 15 Invocation of the letter R
Lecture 16 Invocation of the letter S
Lecture 17 Invocation of the letter T
Lecture 18 Things to Think About
Section 4: Conclusion
Lecture 19 Things Not Covered Here
Lecture 20 Conclusion and Giving Thanks
Anyone who wants to learn Hermetics,Anyone who wants to learn Franz Bardon’s Kabbalah,Anyone who wants to work with fire energy,Anyone who wants to learn magic,Anyone who wants to learn meditation



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