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Last updated 11/2019
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Learn the fundamentals of Python 3

What you’ll learn
Python Basics
Basic Programming Knowledge
Python today is among one of the most popular programming languages and this course will ensure that you get all your basics right about Python.Python is extensively used for Data Science and Machine Learning and is a popular choice for all things related to Data Extraction.This course helps you in building a strong Python foundation and helps you in leveraging the various opportunities that Python has to offer like Machine Learning, Data Science and Data Extraction, etc.So join this course now to hone your Python Basics skills.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Downloading and Installing Python on Windows
Lecture 3 Working with Visual Studio Code and Python
Section 2: Overview
Lecture 4 Covering the Python Syntax
Lecture 5 Python Overview-Comments and import statements
Lecture 6 Python Overview-Blocks
Lecture 7 Python Overview-String Formatting
Lecture 8 Python Overview-Variable Scope & Blocks
Lecture 9 Python Overview – Conditionals (if,else and elif)
Lecture 10 Python Overview – Loops
Lecture 11 Python Overview – Functions
Lecture 12 Pyhton Overview – Class and Objects
Section 3: Types and Values
Lecture 13 Data-Types Introduction
Lecture 14 String Formatting and Multi Lines
Lecture 15 Numeric Types – Int,Float and Decimal
Lecture 16 Bool Type
Lecture 17 Lists, Tuples and Dictionary
Lecture 18 Type and Id of items in Tuples/Lists
Section 4: Conditionals
Lecture 19 Conditional Operators
Lecture 20 Ternary Opeator
Section 5: Operators
Lecture 21 Arithmetic Operators
Lecture 22 Bitwise Operators
Lecture 23 Comparison Operators
Lecture 24 Boolean Operators
Lecture 25 Operator Precedence
Section 6: Loops
Lecture 26 Loops in Python
Lecture 27 While Loop
Lecture 28 For Loop
Lecture 29 Loop Controls – Continue, Break and Else
Section 7: Functions
Lecture 30 Introduction to Main Function
Lecture 31 Function Arguments – Call by Value and Call by reference
Lecture 32 Function – Argument List
Lecture 33 Function – Keyword Arguments
Lecture 34 Function – Return Values
Lecture 35 Function – Generators
Lecture 36 Function – Wrapper/Decorators
Section 8: Data Structures
Lecture 37 Introduction
Lecture 38 Lists and Tuples
Lecture 39 Dictionaries
Lecture 40 Sets
Lecture 41 List Comprehension
Lecture 42 Mixed Data Structure
Section 9: Classes
Lecture 43 Introduction to Classes
Lecture 44 Class – Constructor
Lecture 45 Overriding Print Method in a Class
Lecture 46 Inheritance
Lecture 47 Iterators
Section 10: Exceptions
Lecture 48 Handling Exceptions
Lecture 49 Registering Errors – Raising Exceptions
Section 11: String Objects
Lecture 50 Overview
Lecture 51 String Methods
Lecture 52 String Formatting
Lecture 53 String Splitting
Section 12: File handling
Lecture 54 File – Opening
Lecture 55 File – Text
Lecture 56 File – Binary
Section 13: Common Methods
Lecture 57 Built-in Numeric Functions
Lecture 58 Built-in String Functions
Lecture 59 Container Functions
Lecture 60 Object and Classes
Section 14: Modules
Lecture 61 Using standard Python modules
Lecture 62 Creating a module
Section 15: Database
Lecture 63 Working with Database – SQLLite3
Lecture 64 Working with Database – MySQL
Section 16: Conclusion
Lecture 65 Conclusion and Code Download
Beginner Python Developers curios about machine learning and data science



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