Advanced Laravel 9 – For Beginner To Expert

Published 8/2022
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In this course, you will learn the complete Laravel 9 from scratch – This course is for beginner to advanced

What you’ll learn
Composer installation and usage
Using package in Laravel 9
MVC (Model, View, Controller) Pattern in Laravel
Laravel File and Folder Structure
About the .env file
Basic Laravel Routing
Route Parameters, middleware, prefix, named route
Registering and using middleware
Normal and Resource Controller
View and blade files
Seeder and Faker in Laravel 9
Basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) System from Scratch
Image CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) System from Scratch
Image Intervention System
Laravel Basic Authentication using Laravel UI – Registration, Email Verification, Forget and Reset Password
Basic PHP Knowledge
Basic HTML, CSS Knowledge
Experience to work with a code editor
Basic Bootstrap Knowledge
Knowledge about local server. For example, xampp, wampp or any
Basic of OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
You know the latest laravel version is now Laravel 9. So we have created a very complete course on Laravel 9. If you are new to Laravel or beginner to Laravel, you will be able to learn it in advanced level from this course. Here we have taught the students:Composer – Installing composer in local machine, installing package using composerMVC (Model, View, Controller) – How it works and details about thisLaravel 9 Installation – Installation process, directory structure and about the .env fileRoute – Basic route, route parameter, route group, prefix etc.Middleware – How it works, types of middleware, registering etc.Controller – Basic controller, partial and resource controllerView – view features (extends, include, yield, section), conditions, loopWorking with Database – Connection, model, migration, seeder, fakers etc.Basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) system in Laravel 9 – Environment setup, validation, store data, show, edit, delete data from databaseImage CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) system in Laravel 9 – Environment setup, validation, store data, show, edit, delete image from databaseUsing Image Intervention in Laravel 9 – Image crud with intervention image, environment setup, store, delete, edit and show the dataComplete Authentication System with Laravel 9 UI – Create project, user registration, email verification, login and logout in authentication, forget password system, reset password system
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Course Outline
Section 2: Composer
Lecture 2 Composer Overview
Lecture 3 Install composer in local machine
Lecture 4 Install package via composer
Section 3: MVC (Model, View, Controller)
Lecture 5 MVC overview
Lecture 6 How MVC works
Section 4: Laravel
Lecture 7 Laravel Overview
Lecture 8 Install a laravel project
Lecture 9 Laravel folder structure
Lecture 10 About the .env file
Section 5: Route
Lecture 11 Basic routing
Lecture 12 Route parameter
Lecture 13 Route group, prefix, name prefix
Section 6: Middleware
Lecture 14 How middleware works
Lecture 15 Register and define new middleware
Lecture 16 Middleware types (GLobal, Route, Group middleware)
Section 7: Controller
Lecture 17 Basic Controller
Lecture 18 Resource and partial resource controller
Section 8: View
Lecture 19 Laravel view (Basic overview)
Lecture 20 Laravel view features (extends, include, yield, section)
Lecture 21 Laravel view condition and loop
Section 9: Database
Lecture 22 How to connect the database, model and migration
Lecture 23 Seeder and factories
Section 10: Basic CRUD
Lecture 24 Basic crud environment setup
Lecture 25 Validation and store the data
Lecture 26 Show, edit and update data
Lecture 27 Delete data from the database
Section 11: Image CRUD
Lecture 28 Environment setup for image crud
Lecture 29 Create view file for image crud
Lecture 30 Image store functionality
Lecture 31 Image show from the database
Lecture 32 Edit and update image in laravel
Lecture 33 Delete images in laravel
Section 12: Intervention Image
Lecture 34 Image crud with intervention image environment setup
Lecture 35 Intervention Image insert data into database and show
Lecture 36 Edit, Update and Delete Intervention Image crud
Lecture 37 Features of Intervention Image
Section 13: Laravel Authentication – Using UI
Lecture 38 Laravel Authentication – create project and install package
Lecture 39 Laravel Authentication – registration
Lecture 40 Laravel Authentication – email verification
Lecture 41 Laravel Authentication – login and logout
Lecture 42 Laravel Authentication – forgot password
Section 14: Source Codes
Lecture 43 Image CRUD
Lecture 44 Laravel Authentication – using UI
Those who want to be a Laravel developer,Students who want to learn laravel for their university projects,Experts who want to get a job in laravel,Those who want to increase their knowledge in programming


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