Advanced Jquery Tips & Tricks For Developers & Designers

Last updated 7/2017
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Explore various tips and tricks to get the most out of jQuery when building web applications

What you’ll learn
Explore various tips and tricks to get the most out of jQuery when building web applications
Basic knowledge of HTML
Basic knowledge of CSS
Basic knowledge of JavaScript & jQuery
As a web-dev/designer we daily make use of jQuery for client side development as it provides a powerful set of features that can be used to build applications but do you know some of the key tips, tricks that can be used to reduce code, promote re-use & simplify maintenance?
This course will walk you through key concepts of jQuery by covering topics related to working with the DOM, Events, AJAX, LocalStorage,CSS Manipulation,Minimizing script & exploring built-in functions like $.map etc.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: DOM Tips and Tricks
Lecture 2 CDN with Fallback
Lecture 3 Working with selectors
Lecture 4 Creating a custom selector
Lecture 5 DOM Manipulation-I
Lecture 6 DOM Manipulation-II
Lecture 7 Check Element Existence
Lecture 8 find() vs. filter()
Lecture 9 Creating Elements
Lecture 10 Cloning Elements
Lecture 11 Using end() Function with Chaining
Lecture 12 Working with detach()
Lecture 13 Working with replace()
Lecture 14 Working with wrap()
Section 3: Event Tips and Tricks
Lecture 15 The .on method – One for all
Lecture 16 Event Delegation
Lecture 17 Namespacing Your Events
Lecture 18 Registering Events Before DOM Ready
Lecture 19 Custom Events
Lecture 20 Just-In-Time Initialization
Section 4: AJAX Tips and Tricks
Lecture 21 Working with Ajax Promises
Lecture 22 Consolidating jQuery Ajax Calls
Lecture 23 Resolving Multiple Ajax Calls with when()
Lecture 24 Manipulating Ajax Request Headers
Lecture 25 Storing Data with the data() Function
Lecture 26 Submit Form Data
Lecture 27 Parse JSON using jQuery
Section 5: CSS Tips and Tricks
Lecture 28 CSS Tips and Tricks
Section 6: Utility Tips and Tricks
Lecture 29 $.map
Lecture 30 $.grep
Lecture 31 $.type
Lecture 32 $.extend
Lecture 33 $.noConflict
Lecture 34 Identifying elements
Lecture 35 $.callbacks
Lecture 36 Looping all the child elements of a container element
Section 7: Minimizing JavaScript
Lecture 37 Minimizing JavaScript
Section 8: Conclusion
Lecture 38 Conclusion
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