Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform – Implementing End-to-End Real-Time Data…

pdf | 17.27 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-1491974568 | Author: Lakshmanan, Valliappa; | Year: 2018


Note:  This is the 1st edition. There is now a Second Edition of this book available.

Learn how easy it is to apply sophisticated statistical and machine learning methods to real-world problems when you build on top of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This hands-on guide shows developers entering the data science field how to implement an end-to-end data pipeline, using statistical and machine learning methods and tools on GCP. Through the course of the book, you’ll work through a sample business decision by employing a variety of data science approaches.
Follow along by implementing these statistical and machine learning solutions in your own project on GCP, and discover how this platform provides a transformative and more collaborative way of doing data science.
You’ll learn how to:
[*] Automate and schedule data ingest, using an App Engine application
[*] Create and populate a dashboard in Google Data Studio
[*] Build a real-time analysis pipeline to carry out streaming analytics
[*] Conduct interactive data exploration with Google BigQuery
[*] Create a Bayesian model on a Cloud Dataproc cluster
[*] Build a logistic regression machine-learning model with Spark
[*] Compute time-aggregate features with a Cloud Dataflow pipeline
[*] Create a high-performing prediction model with TensorFlow
[*] Use your deployed model as a microservice you can access from both batch and real-time pipelines

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