The Two for One Deal – Nataly Canez

The Two for One Deal – Nataly Canez

epub | 337.7 KB | English | Isbn:9798985824919 | Author: Nataly Cañez | Year: 2022


After suffering a head injury, and overcoming the repercussions of it, Dixie packs up and moves to Los Angeles. Now a year later, she meets a sweet man named Thomas; a lover of creativity, Pit bulls, and manages to make her heart beat for love once more.
With her luck suddenly looking up, Dixie takes a leap of faith and emails her favorite audiobook narrator to personally ask for his assistance on her debut novel. Soon, a relationship is grown between emails, faceless video calls, and flirty, sexy playfulness. Now, she will have to decide if she chooses the man in her reality, or the man who is simply a voice, and without a face.
Or does she?
However, nothing comes without consequences; especially the past. When whispers spread, and Dixie’s past comes knocking, they will need to decide if this two for one deal is worth it, or if it’s simply a gamble they could never win.

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