Springtime Crocus Colored Charcoal Drawing in Proceeate 5X

 Springtime Crocus Colored Charcoal Drawing in Proceeate 5X
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Product Details Have you ever worked with Procreate’s own Charcoal Brushes? They’re actually great to draw with, creating a real nice effect if you use them well.
I invite you to join me in creating a dramatic SpringTime drawing. In this class we’ll be drawing a lovely crocus with a nice contrasting background.
What might be different than the more common use of charcoal, is that we’re going to add color to it. This gives it the feeling as if we’re working with Pastel. Adding a beautiful canvas to it, will top it off and leave you with an impressive work of art.
So join the Spring Vibe and try out working with colored charcoal. Amaze yourself (and everyone else) with this mighty nice and realistic drawing!

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