Quiet Power (Quiet Mafia Book 3 – J L Drake

Quiet Power (Quiet Mafia Book 3 – J L Drake

epub | 1.09 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B09H5VY5Z1 | Author: J.L. Drake | Year: 2022


The time has come to take back the power and let the kingdom fall.
It’s time to make my move. With solid proof on my finger, I leave my love and enter the gates of the enemy.
Ugo is by my side as we fall into their world and quickly discover the cracks in the Coppola family’s foundation.
I’m confident I’m protected by my father’s name, and though I’m welcomed by some, I’m watched by others.
I played my part well-maybe too well, because I think I just changed the future for us all.
Her mother’s lies blew up my entire world. How could the woman I love have the blood of a monster?
With all eyes intently on me, I turn my back on what is revealed and sink further into what I need to do.
I seek the cover of smoke and mirrors and force back the shadows that want to take me down.
But with any good play there comes a blind spot, and this blind spot might just come with an unexpected body count.
**May contain triggers, intended for a mature audience 18+. Does end on a cliffhanger-ish. Sneak peek of book 4, at the end.**

Category:Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance

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