Only Four Slip-ups With My Ne – Brynn Hale

Only Four Slip-ups With My Ne – Brynn Hale

epub | 359.16 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09TCBM7SK | Author: Brynn Hale | Year: 2022


Will she slip-up and fall into his arms?

A new job, a new look-red highlights in my auburn hair-and a new focus on my future.
But my new boss is hard not to focus on.
He’s got that rich bad boy look down.
I can’t stop myself from fantasizing about what it would be like to be the bad girl.
Cage is an animal-wild and hard to handle.
But when we find ourselves falling deep, can one of us make the break before it’s too late and ruins us both?

What am I doing?
She’s my new assistant. I can’t be having these feelings.
Not only is it against company policy, but every relationship I’ve ever had has ended with my bank account being a whole lot lighter and my will to try again a whole lot less.
But Raquel isn’t like that.
She laughs at my stupid jokes. She works harder than anyone in the company. And she makes me feel like I’m ready to take another chance.
I’ve fallen before, but not like this. This is the real thing.
I won’t slip-up and let her go. She’s only mine.

Category:One-Hour Romance Short Reads, Contemporary Short Stories, Single Authors Short Stories

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