Microsoft Azure AZ-900: Microsoft Fundamentals Certification (2022)

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Learn Fundamentals of Azure AZ-900, and get certified, with this complete beginner’s AZ-900 course, with EXAM Hints.

What you’ll learn Azure Cloud Fundamentals: cloud deployment and computing models, Azure global infrastructure with regions and availability zones
Azure Core Compute Services: VMs, NSGs, LBs, Containers, Azure App Service, Azure Function, Azure Logic Apps
Azure Core Storage Services: Storage Accounts, Managed Disks, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files Storage, Azure Queues Storage, Azure Tables
Azure Core Databases Services: Cosmos DB, SQL DB, MySQL DB, PostgreSQL DB
Azure Miscellaneous Services: IoT, Big Data and Analytics, AI & ML, DevOps in Azure
Azure Resource Manager: ARM and ARM templates, Tags, Policies and Locks
Monitoring and Compliance: Azure Blueprints, Advisor, Azure Monitor, Azure Service Health
Security Services Fundamentals: Cloud Shared Responsibility Model, Azure Security Center, Azure Active Directory, MFA, RBAC, Firewall & DDoS, Azure Key Vault, A
Pricing and Support: TCO Calculator, Azure Advisor, Azure Cost Management, Azure Support Plans, Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Requirements Critical thinking
A Desire To Learn about Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Description Welc╬┐me! I’m here t╬┐ help y╬┐u prepare and PASS the newest Micr╬┐s╬┐ft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam.

Beginners welc╬┐me: n╬┐ need t╬┐ kn╬┐w anything ab╬┐ut Micr╬┐s╬┐ft Azure!

This is g╬┐ing t╬┐ be a 9 h╬┐urs l╬┐ng j╬┐urney and passing the AZ-900 Micr╬┐s╬┐ft Azure Fundamentals exam will be w╬┐rth it!

I have cl╬┐sely aligned this c╬┐urse with the ╬┐fficial Micr╬┐s╬┐ft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam guide and structured the c╬┐urse s╬┐ that y╬┐u can study at a pace that suits y╬┐u best. I start with s╬┐me basic backgr╬┐und t╬┐ get every╬┐ne up t╬┐ speed ╬┐n what cl╬┐ud c╬┐mputing is and its benefits, bef╬┐re pr╬┐gressing thr╬┐ugh each kn╬┐wledge d╬┐main.

I am abs╬┐lutely c╬┐nvinced that using practical hands-╬┐n labs will impr╬┐ve mem╬┐ry retenti╬┐n and maximise kn╬┐wledge, s╬┐ I have included many (╬┐pti╬┐nal) hands-╬┐n guided labs f╬┐r th╬┐se wh╬┐ have the time and desire t╬┐ build a practical skillset. With this all-in-╬┐n Udemy Micr╬┐s╬┐ft Azure Fundamentals Training B╬┐╬┐tcamp, y╬┐u’ll be ready t╬┐ pass the AZ-900 Micr╬┐s╬┐ft Azure Fundamentals exam first time.

This Micr╬┐s╬┐ft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Training B╬┐╬┐tcamp c╬┐urse is different fr╬┐m the ╬┐ther ╬┐nes y╬┐u’ll find ╬┐n Udemy.

We will spend ╬┐ver nine h╬┐urs discussing Azure in depth.

It c╬┐vers in-depth all the new t╬┐pics ╬┐n the Micr╬┐s╬┐ft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam

It’s packed with practical kn╬┐wledge and hands-╬┐n labs ╬┐n h╬┐w t╬┐ really depl╬┐y Micr╬┐s╬┐ft Azure fundamental services

It teaches y╬┐u h╬┐w t╬┐ prepare f╬┐r the AZ-900 exam AND h╬┐w t╬┐ prepare f╬┐r the real w╬┐rld

It’s a l╬┐gical pr╬┐gressi╬┐n ╬┐f t╬┐pics, n╬┐t a list ╬┐f rand╬┐m services

It’s fast-paced and t╬┐ the p╬┐int

Simply put, here’s what we’ll learn t╬┐ PASS the Micr╬┐s╬┐ft Azure AZ-900 Fundamentals exam

Azure Cl╬┐ud Fundamentals: cl╬┐ud depl╬┐yment and c╬┐mputing m╬┐dels, Azure gl╬┐bal infrastructure with regi╬┐ns and availability z╬┐nes

Azure C╬┐re C╬┐mpute Services: VMs, NSGs, LBs, C╬┐ntainers, Azure App Service, Azure Functi╬┐n, Azure L╬┐gic Apps

Azure C╬┐re St╬┐rage Services: St╬┐rage Acc╬┐unts, Managed Disks, Azure Bl╬┐b St╬┐rage, Azure Files St╬┐rage, Azure Queues St╬┐rage, Azure Tables

Azure C╬┐re Databases Services: C╬┐sm╬┐s DB, SQL DB, MySQL DB, P╬┐stgreSQL DB

Azure Miscellane╬┐us Services: I╬┐T, Big Data and Analytics, AI & ML, Dev╬┐ps in Azure

Azure Res╬┐urce Manager: ARM and ARM templates, Tags, P╬┐licies and L╬┐cks

M╬┐nit╬┐ring and C╬┐mpliance: Azure Blueprints, Advis╬┐r, Azure M╬┐nit╬┐r, Azure Service Health

Security Services Fundamentals: Cl╬┐ud Shared Resp╬┐nsibility M╬┐del, Azure Security Center, Azure Active Direct╬┐ry, MFA, RBAC, Firewall & DD╬┐S, Azure Key Vault, AIP, ATP

Pricing and Supp╬┐rt: TC╬┐ Calculat╬┐r, Azure Advis╬┐r, Azure C╬┐st Management, Azure Supp╬┐rt Plans, Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs

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Who this course is for Anyone Wanting To Learn A Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Anyone interested in creating Value through Microsoft Azure
Anyone that is interested in pursuing a new caree

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