Insatiable A Monster Romance – Rune Hunt

Insatiable A Monster Romance – Rune Hunt

epub | 182.99 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09PF8TDLH | Author: Rune Hunt | Year: 2022


Every year the boogie man comes out to play and I’ve heard his appetite is insatiable.

Thanks to the selection ceremony, one sacrifice is all it takes to keep his appetite sated.

But this year is different.

As a human in a shifter’s world, I’m unable to stop the Alpha’s son when he offers me up to the monster, forgoing the ceremony and the traditions that go with it.

When the boogieman arrives, none of us were prepared for what we saw.

Little did we all know, the monster that lurks in the night isn’t the monster we should fear.

Category:Black & African American Fantasy Fiction, Black & African American Fantasy Fiction, Two-Hour Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads

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