Hand of Glory – Nazri Noor

Hand of Glory – Nazri Noor

epub | 543.77 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09QZD5R9N | Author: Nazri Noor | Year: 2022


Glamor, glitter, and gold.
Jackson Pryde and the great guilds of the Black Market are recovering in the aftermath of the fae attacks. With Xander Wright at his side, Jackson finds the strength and spellpower to rebuild.
Yet the fae keep coming, infiltrating under cover of illusions and glamor. And then there’s the upcoming Grayhaven gala, a gathering that’s sure to attract their destructive appetites.
Whispers speak of a strange and powerful candle, one that will help Jackson find the source of the fae and stop their attacks forever. Where are the fae coming from? Who is sending them to spread chaos?
And most important of all: where will Jackson find the time and courage to propose?
Hand of Glory is a 77,000-word M/M urban fantasy romance with a HFN ending. Join a fast-talking artificer and a snarky sorcerer, childhood friends who become bitter enemies, then lovers, as they explore a world filled with strange flora, mythical fauna, and magical murders. If you like your urban fantasy with humor, horror, and a whole lot of heart, you’ve come to the right place. Experience Hand of Glory today.

Category:LGBTQ+ Horror eBooks, LGBTQ+ Mystery, Greco-Roman Myth & Legend Fantasy eBooks

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