Embrace The – Kristen Painter

Embrace The – Kristen Painter

epub | 955.07 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09LVT5QTW | Author: Kristen Painter | Year: 2022



Vampire governor Belladonna Barrone is facing the challenge of her life. Literally. Can she outwit and outlast the vampire council? She has no idea, but she has no plans to go down without a fight.
If she manages to survive, another challenge awaits her. Can she handle the responsibility that comes with accepting the crown? Being governor is one thing. Being queen? That’s a whole different set of problems.
And there’s a whole new set of enemies out to make sure she doesn’t succeed.
All Donna knows for sure is that it’s time to embrace the suck.

Category:Women’s Fantasy Fiction, Women’s Divorce Fiction, Sisters Fiction

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