BRON REAPER-Patriots Book Twe – Mary Kennedy

BRON REAPER-Patriots Book Twe – Mary Kennedy

epub | 430.26 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09WDB9YTP | Author: Mary Kennedy | Year: 2022


Bron Jones is a Marine through and through. His time as an elite Marine made him an ideal addition to the RP team. But all the happily-ever-after bullshit with the double-wedding is getting to him. He nearly made a mistake that he might not have recovered from. Instead, he’s given the opportunity to perhaps correct two wrongs. When he gets some mysterious messages from his ex-wife, initially he ignores them. But when a CID Agent shows up at RP’s doorstep wanting to speak with him, everything changes. Buried treasure, a possible weapon of unimaginable magnitude and Genghis Kahn. What could possibly go wrong?

Agent Mila Lambton grew up with no one. The only person that ever cared about her is gone. When her roommate and her roomate’s boyfriend are murdered in a hotel room, she knows she needs to do something. Especially after finding the mysterious notebooks and data beneath her roommates bed. But getting RP to help may be more difficult that she imagined. She knew that her roommates ex-husband was an RP man, but she never expected to meet the mouth-watering Bron Jones, in the flesh. And good Lord – his flesh is tempting in every way.

Category:Military Romance, Military Romance

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