The Practical Guide on How to Build a WordPress Website with Divi

 The Practical Guide on How to Build a WordPress Website with Divi
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Product Details If you want to know how to build a WordPress website, this is the course for you!
Note: this is a practical, step-by-step course with a website project (and materials) included. We will be building the website from scratch.

After this course, you’ll know how to design your own WordPress website using the Divi theme, which is easy to use for beginners but offers a lot of freedom if you want to create more unique designs. No prior experience with web building is required. We will clearly explain every step along the way.
This course is especially useful for building a website for your own business or someone else’s, but it also gives you a great foundation for building any WordPress website you want.
What you will learn
Part 1: Introduction
Which different types of websites you can build
What web builders are and why WordPress is so popular
What theme builders are and why we love using Divi
Part 2: Setting up your website
How to choose a good domain name
How to decide on your web hosting provider
How to install WordPress and Divi
Which settings we recommend and why
Which plugins we recommend and why
How to install your emails
Part 3: Designing your web pages
How to design your web pages
How to make sure your website doesn’t slow down
How to increase your website’s visibility on Google
How to make your website work on mobile devices
And everything in between

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