The Classic Teardrop & 3 variations

 The Classic Teardrop & 3 variations
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Product Details The Classic Teardrop is one of those earrings designs that are timeless. So it’s neat that they’re very simple to make, as I will be showing you in this class. After you know how to create the basic teardrop shape, I have three lovely variations to build on that design. I’ll help you learn how to create the Beaded Pendulum, a Wrapped Top design, and a fun Beaded Wire-wrap.
In this class, you will learn how to

attach wire onto wire
continuously wrap wire onto a shape
tighten wire coils
add beads to wire
secure the end of the wire
create a loop centered at the top of a headpin
As you watch these videos, you will see what tools and materials you need for that specific design. Here is a complete overview of what you will need for this class.
The tools.
needle-nose pliers
flat-nose pliers
straightening or plastic-covered pliers
wire/flush cutters
a ruler
ring mandrel in size size #10 or a 3/4″ round object
The materials.
20 gauge wire
22 gauge wire in one or two colors
rocaille/seed beads in three colors
2 headpins
2 jump rings
2 gemstone chip beads or medium sized beads of your choice
ear wires or French hooks for each pair of earrings

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