Photigy – Mastering Product Retouching – Beginner

 Photigy – Mastering Product Retouching – Beginner
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Product Details Are you new to product retouching or have had it with trying to make sense of random YouTube videos dedicated to portrait retouching? Don’t know how to set up and maintain a non-destructive workflow?
Feel like your retouching efforts just don’t result in commercial-caliber final images? Want to spend less time laboring over your retouching so you can spend more time shooting?

In Part One of this brand new series, professional retoucher Artem Pissarevskiy teaches you everything you need to know about the fundamentals of product retouching, from setting up your software and hardware to processing your raw files for the best fidelity before taking them into Photoshop.

He then demonstrates his straight-forward workflow to achieve top quality results using the basic techniques every aspiring retoucher must master.

Join Artem Pissarevskiy as he teaches you:

  • – How to setup your workspace
  • – Configuring your software and hardware
  • – How to create calibrated color profiles
  • – How (and why) to setup and maintain a non-destructive workflow
  • – The most efficient approach to cloning and healing
  • – The essentials of Dodging & Burning
  • – How to make selections using the best tools for the job
  • – The essentials of color correction
  • – How to make the most of luminance and contrast for images that snap
  • – The essentials of color grading your images
  • – The best options for outputting your files

And as a bonus, you also receive an in-depth start-to-finish, step-by-step retouch of a second image so you can follow along as Artem puts all of the fundamental techniques into practice!

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