Maxim Dobry – Online Flash Intensive

 Maxim Dobry – Online Flash Intensive
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Product Details Ladies and Gentlemen! I am glad to welcome you in our NEW chic Boeing! Check-in starts! We keep the brand, one of the most affordable airlines in the TOP flash training!) We are pleased to announce that this time, you will see a REAL WEDDING and a live banquet! Plus, our company does not stand still! New TOP lessons on creating PHOTO DAY! Welcome to the best airline!

What is included in the ticket?
1 Wedding Party! Flash photography + schemes at a real banquet, and create an atmosphere! It’s sooooooooooooooooooo !! Breakthrough intensity)))
2️ How to shoot a salute with a flash ??? One of the coolest shots!
3️ Create the TOP frame for the portfolio! Flash + rain! Orders will trample precisely after such frames!
4️ Photo of the day bonus Disclosure of the multi-exposure before the EXPLOSION OF THE VOLCANO! You can’t even imagine how cool pictures can be taken! (They will create everything! Even without having a multi-exposure in fotik!)
5️ Tooopchik frame fire + divine flash !!! Such shots! Make the competitor’s neck curl up)))) 2 frame options!
6️ Lessons for Dummies! That’s right for hardcore! You do not understand? Where to poke?) I will show))
7️ Online is not necessary! Everything will be in the format of vidos (see whenever you want)
8️ The lessons will always remain with you!))

Who will suit this FLIGHT ??? I’ll be honest! EVERYONE! All the most fierce secrets, I reveal in intensity and, of course, the trump card, in intensity a unique bonus! At number 4️, I’m sure at 10000% that no one can even imagine WHAT IT CAN BE DONE The last day of registration on August 1 and we are taking off!

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