How to take the best photos of your dogs – Dog Photography

 How to take the best photos of your dogs – Dog Photography
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Product Details This class is about maximizing your dog photo taking skills.
You’ll learn how to prepare, chose your location and lighting for stunning canine photos and hopefully be inspired to take on photography as a hobby.

I believe my class is worth some of your time, because if you have a dog and you’re stuck inside, what else do you have to do? Also, everyone likes a nice photo of a dog, so why not learn how to take one?
My class is for dog people who have a dog or two and would love to learn how to really get good at capturing the raw cuteness of their fluffy companions.
Who am I, and why should you take me seriously? Well, I don’t know if you should take me seriously, but I know a few things or two about taking photos. I’ve been taking photos for over five years now and it’s my passion. I feel like my love for photography has pushed me to learn a lot about the art form and now I feel confident enough to share a few things that I’ve learned

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