Designing Medical Icons – Process and Tips inside Adobe Illustrator

 Designing Medical Icons – Process and Tips inside Adobe Illustrator
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Product Details Four Basic Shapes, Circle Square, Line and Triangle when joined together OR minus from each other, can create wonders using the Pathfinder and Shape Builder Tools. These are followed by Automatic and Manual Method of making and breaking shapes to design something WONDERFUL.!!

I highly recommend students to go through the class project and do some practice, by following the process and strategies taught in the class, and share your work in the assignment area.
For this class project, all you need to do is, observe your environment and pick any object that you like and use that as a topic to create set of icons extracted from that object;
For example, in this Medical Icons Set scenario we created a Design Set consisted of Following ICONs;
1. Doctor Icon
2. Nurse Icon
3. Patient Registration Icon
4. Patient Information Icon
5. Ambulance Icon
6. Hospital Bed Icon
7. Blood Pressure Machine Icon
8. Blood Analysis Icon
9. Blood Bag Icon

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