The Blueprint of Wealth – A Short Booklet On How To Become Wealthy

The Blueprint of Wealth – A Short Booklet On How To Become Wealthy

epub | 182.24 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09GSZV84K | Author: Dickeson, Nathan | Year: 2021


If you want a simple, no-nonsense book to help you get on track in your financial life, this is it. Success is not random. There are simple steps to wealth, and if you take each step, you will succeed.
You don’t have to take massive risks. You don’t have to work till you die or are too old to enjoy life. You can retire young and live your dreams.
When you understand the rules of money you don’t have to waste time doing things that don’t work. If you want to live your dreams you must become successful financially, there isn’t another option. Quit falling for the lies & the get rich quick schemes and learn the blueprint of wealth.
This simple, straightforward book breaks down the basics of building wealth in plain English and has been described as easy to follow and informative but funny at the same time.
In these pages, we will cover.

[*]The steps to building wealth.
[*]Strategies and tactics to aid you on your journey.
[*]Insights on how money works and on our current financial systems

[*]And step-by-step recommendations of what you can do to build wealth.

It doesn’t matter your salary, where you are in life, or how old you are, the steps to building wealth are universal, and when you follow them, it will lead to you achieving your financial goals and financial freedom. So read the book, enjoy, and learn what you need to do to become successful.

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