Introduction to Bonsai – The Complete Illustrated Guide for Beginners

Introduction to Bonsai – The Complete Illustrated Guide for Beginners

pdf | 142.87 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B08TX2WLM3 | Author: Bonsai Sekai Magazine,;Gun, Kyosuke; | Year: 2021


Go beneath the soil with this hand-drawn guide!

This book is sure to become your go-to reference for all things bonsai. Beautifully illustrated with details and views a camera simply can’t show, Introduction to Bonsai offers a unique and insightful look at these mini ecosystems.

This complete guide contains all the information you need to create and maintain your own bonsai:
[*]Handy monthly bonsai maintenance schedules detail proper watering, pruning, wiring, transplanting and other upkeep activities throughout the year
[*]Leaves, fruits, flowers, and processes are presented up-close to help make growing and upkeep as successful and simple as possible
[*]Diagrams show where, how much, and in what direction pruning, wiring, watering and other maintenance should be performed
[*]Clear, detailed illustrations of every part of the bonsai ensure that you’ll see everything you need to see, exactly as you need to see it-making this a great resource for collectors and enthusiasts at all levels

Learn the specific ways to care for more than 40 types of popular bonsai trees, including:
[*]Flowering Bonsai-cherry blossom, dogwood, azalea and lilac
[*]Fruiting Bonsai-crab apple, persimmon, Chinese quince and burning bush
[*]Coniferous and Deciduous Bonsai-maple, Japanese beech, black pine and salt cedar

Prepared by the editors of Japan’s popular Bonsai Sekai ( Bonsai World) magazine, this handbook is designed to make care and maintenance easy for bonsai beginners-from seeds to root systems and from basic watering to your first transplant.

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