Nano House – Innovations for Small Dwellings

Nano House – Innovations for Small Dwellings

pdf | 5.32 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-0500342732 | Author: Phyllis Richardson | Year: 2011


Forty examples of advanced, ingenious, and responsible homes―each with fewer than 650 square feet of living space.
Space is at a premium in growing cities. In the countryside, we want to preserve nature and the landscape. In impoverished parts of the world, the necessity for sustainable and economical shelter is stronger than ever. Lifestyles and daily routines are also changing. We live in an interconnected world in which digital communication, information, and entertainment are pervasive. Yet basic human needs remain constant: a roof over our heads and somewhere to cook, eat, and sleep. Increasingly, we look for ways to occupy our habitats more ecologically, flexibly, and efficiently.

Digital design tools, sustainable materials, and new prefabrication technologies have led to an explosion in innovative ideas for designing domestic spaces, particularly those in tight surroundings. All the homes in Nano House are drawn from a broad array of climatic and environmental contexts, building methods, and spatial innovations.

This lively book is the perfect resource and inspiration for designers, architects, builders―for anyone looking to maximize living space with minimal environmental impact. 250 full-color and 50 black-and-white illustrations

Category:Small Homes & Cottages, Residential Architecture

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