Mastering Light – Classic Techniques for Expressive Portrait Photography

Mastering Light – Classic Techniques for Expressive Portrait Photography | 42.4 MB English | 128 Pages Title: Mastering Light
Author: Marshall, Curley.;
Year: 2017

Description: Portrait lighting is part art, part science. There are so many tools at the photographers’ disposal—and myriad settings and setups that can be used. So, how do you master the light for consistent, predictable results, indoors and out? In this guide, award-winning photographer Curley Marshall teaches you the nuts and bolts of portrait lighting. You’ll learn to work with natural light and studio lighting sources, both as they exist and in modified forms. You’ll discover posing and lighting combinations that will help you to ensure that your subject’s face—the focal point of every portrait—appears dimensional and, where need be, slimmer. You’ll learn how to give the eyes sparkle through proper catchlight placement and how to bring out the color of the eyes. You’ll also learn the basic lighting setups heralded by portrait artists throughout time—including loop lighting, Rembrandt lighting, butterfly lighting, and more.

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