Linux Photography – Tools for Automated and Streamlined Photographic Workflow on L…

Linux Photography – Tools for Automated and Streamlined Photographic Workflow on Linux

epub | 13.08 MB | English | Isbn:ā€Ž B07JFLCMF6 | Author: Dmitri Popov | Year: 2016


This book is about improving and optimizing your photographic workflow by automating tedious tasks and using lightweight and specialized tools. The book covers the following topics:

– Use Bash shell scripts to automatically import photos and raw files from a storage card or camera and automatically rename, geotag, and neatly organize the transferred files
– Organize and manage photos with ExifTool
– Manage and edit photos using the lightweight yet versatile gThumb application
– Manage and process raw files with Darktable
– Manage and process photos with digiKam
– Apply color corrections using Hald CLUT
– Set up a simple self-hosted photo publishing web application to share and showcase your photographic masterpieces
– Implement a cloud backup system
– Build a Raspberry Pi-based device for backing up photos on the move
– Write Bash shell and Python scripts to control a Sony camera from a Linux machine via Wi-Fi
– Use Termux to organize, process, and back up photos and raw files on an Android device
– Find photos from the past with Natsukashii
– Draw inspiration from Unsplash with the Unbash script
– Build photo essays with Expose
– Built a remote-controlled Raspberry Pi camera
– Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Wireless Camera Server
– Create super-resolution photos with the Highrise script
– Follow photographers on Instagram without an account
– Keep track of your gear using the Everyday Photo Carry PHP app
– Plan your photographic activities with the Simple Photo Planner PHP app

All material and scripts in the book are derived from the author’s actual Linux-based photographic workflow.

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