John Carlton – Best Ads 2021

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This collection exists, and all the stories revealing how each ad or letter was created are included.And yes, its so freakin inexpensive, its kind of embarrassing.

I mean, people have spent massive and money stalking many of these ads and some of the manuscripts were once thought to be lost forever (because, over the decades, I often did not keep samples of the steady stream of ads I pumped out).
This collection has been carefully edited and transferred to digital form which makes everything super-easy to access. It wont take up nearly the massive space on your bookshelf as the original packages would, either.
And while the ads are pure gold theyre even more valuable with the added insight and back-story Ive provided on each one.
Some of the stories behind the creation and execution of these pieces will give you an otherwise impossible-to-get window to the world of hyper-successful entrepreneurs, and how legendary copy gets created.

Youll laugh, youll be shocked and delighted, youll be allowed behind the scenes of advertising tales involving Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Joe Polish, and a host of brilliant, semi-insane and ridiculously-successful entrepreneurs who are fearless about running outrageous ads (as long as they make money).

My handle has, for many years, been the most respected and ripped-off copywriter alive and its no idle boast. Marketers have desperately sought out my ads for decades, so they could both see what a great ad looks like
and absorb some of the mojo for themselves. Headlines, hooks, verb choice, positioning paragraphs, killer closing pitches, brilliant teasers, bullets that kept people awake at night
every ad is a Grad School course in salesmanship, persuasion and evil-good marketing strategy.

Ive had uber-successful biz owners shyly admit that their entire campaigns were based on studying my ads and copy, and applying what they learned to their own efforts.
Ive also known that MANY so-called famous ads bouncing around have been incorrectly attributed to me while others I actually have penned are not.

Thats why this amazing collection is such a hot ticket.
Not only are you assured that this towering pile of ads and letters was PERSONALLY collected by me
but you get back-story introductions that could
ONLY come from the original writer.
Along with the absolute guarantee that each ad and letter are the REAL THING, in the form they were created and run in the real world.

And yes, I reveal stuff (like results and embarrassing details) the clients probably would prefer I didnt share
and maybe down the road this collection will be pulled off the market. (Its been impossible to find for years and its NEVER been in one digital format before.)

So, yeah, you wanna jump on this.
Heres what you need to do now: We really will pull this collection off the market if we feel we need to.
So grab your package now, while its available (and still dirt cheap).

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