Communicating with Data: Making Your Case With Data (True EPUB)

English | October 26th, 2021 | ISBN: 1098101855 | 340 pages | True EPUB | 13.49 MB

Data is a fantastic raw resource for powering change in an organization, but all too often the people working in those organizations don’t have the necessary skills to communicate with data effectively.
With this practical book, subject matter experts will learn ways to develop strong, persuasive points when presenting data to different groups in their organizations.

Author Carl Allchin shows anyone how to find data sources and develop data analytics, and teaches those with more data expertise how to visualize data to convey findings to key business leaders more effectively. Once both your business and data experts possess the skills to work with data and interpret its significance, you can deal with questions and challenges in departments across your organization.

Learn the fundamental data skills required to work with data

Use data visualization to influence change in your organization

Learn how to apply data techniques to effectively work with data end to end

Understand how to communicate data points clearly and persuasively

Appreciate why different stakeholders often have divergent needs and views

Create a playbook for using data with different departments

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