Coloured Pencil Drawing Fundamentals: Create A Realistic Portrait

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Do you want to learn how to create incredibly realistic coloured pencil portraits from start to finish

Coloured pencils can be a challeg medium. However, they can be used to create incredible portraits full of depth and vibrancy. I’m going to share the fundamental techniques so you can understand how!

This class great for all levels. It may be beneficial to have some drawing experience but you can be a complete bner when it comes to colouring pencils. Whether you are a complete bner or advanced, you are sure to pick up fundamental techniques to help your portraits. 

Some of the challenges people face for coloured pencil portraits:

To tackle these, Ill be focusing on the following techniques in my teaching: 

You will get to practice the skills you are learning immediately with practical examples throughout the class. The class projects call for you to apply the techniques you have been learning for various blending exercises and then your very own portrait drawing. By the end of the class you should feel more confident to draw different portraits of a variety of skin tones using your coloured pencils. I hope you enjoy the class!

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