Yellow Rain by Mai Der Vang

Yellow Rain by Mai Der Vang

epub | 27.05 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B094GSNXDW | Author: Mai Der Vang | Year: 2021


A reinvestigation of chemical biological weapons dropped on the Hmong people in the fallout of the Vietnam War
In this staggering work of documentary, poetry, and collage, Mai Der Vang reopens a wrongdoing that deserves a new reckoning. As the United States abandoned them at the end of the Vietnam War, many Hmong refugees recounted stories of a mysterious substance that fell from planes during their escape from Laos starting in the mid-1970s. This substance, known as “yellow rain,” caused severe illnesses and thousands of deaths. These reports prompted an investigation into allegations that a chemical biological weapon had been used against the Hmong in breach of international treaties. A Cold War scandal erupted, wrapped in partisan debate around chemical arms development versus control. And then, to the world’s astonishment, American scientists argued that yellow rain was the feces of honeybees defecating en masse-still held as the widely accepted explanation….

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