Unlocking Secrets by Linzi Baxter

Unlocking Secrets by Linzi Baxter

epub | 251.88 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B094JG6L12 | Author: Baxter, Linzi | Year: 2021


No matter how hard she tried, Sidney couldn’t outrun her past.

Sidney Carpenter never expected to see her ex again. Ten years ago, she worked with the FBI to put him away for life. So when he broke into her house and shot her, she knew her only option was to run. But her sexy doctor had a different plan. When she looked into his green eyes, she couldn’t seem to say no. As they work together to untangle her past, their sizzling attraction is getting harder to deny. Her ex is more conniving than either of them expected. Now Carter must get to Sidney before it’s too late.

Category:Military Romance, Military Romance, Contemporary Romance

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