The GRay Man by Paul Wilson

The Gray Man by Paul Wilson

epub | 349.55 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09B57BHRT | Author: Paul Wilson | Year: 2021


Book One: The Gray Man 18-year-old debutant Cassidy Smith returns from a summer party to find her home burned and her family murdered. Fueled by a need for revenge, she journeys across a weird and haunted western landscape, all the while pursued by a powerful Magician on his own mission of revenge. Cassidy journeys to find the being responsible for her state, the mysterious Gray Man, and avenge her stolen life. But Cassidy is a reluctantly hero. Driven by a selfish desire for blood, she is still a flawed and angry child. Her journey for revenge is also her journey to womanhood. Will Cassidy follow her family tradition of honorable monster hunting, or will she simply evolve into a cold-blooded killer? If she manages to win through, how much of her soul will remain? What is left for a killer once the gun has cooled? What remains for a woman with no ties?

Category:Western Horror Fiction, Dark Fantasy Horror, Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks
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