Stormwielder by Aaron Hodges

Stormwielder by Aaron Hodges

epub | 553.01 KB | English | Isbn:9780995142206 | Author: Aaron Hodges | Year: 2015


★★★★★ The Sword of Truth meets Eragon in this epic new fantasy series by New York Times Bestselling Author Aaron Hodges. Not all magic is a gift… When Eric was young, a terrible power woke within him, destroying all it touched. Horrified by what he had unleashed, Eric fled his village. He has spent the two years since wandering the wilderness-alone. Now, determined to redeem himself, he seeks a new life in the town of Oaksville.

But the power of the Gods is fading, and dark crept into the Three Nations. Civilization is no longer the safe haven Eric once knew. And he is not the only one with power.

As seen on royal road:

Category:New Adult & College Fantasy, Coming of Age Fantasy, Dark Fantasy
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