Seized Mafia Bride A Dark Mafi – Mae Doyle

Seized Mafia Bride A Dark Mafi – Mae Doyle

epub | 221.96 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09GL53NL5 | Author: Mae Doyle | Year: 2021


Mia and I lived in different worlds until I stole her to live in mine.

She belonged to me the moment I laid eyes on her.
There wasn’t anything that could keep me from claiming her for my own.
My brothers tell me I’m obsessed, but it doesn’t matter.

Her pouty mouth begs me to kiss her.
She smells like heaven and tastes even better.
I don’t think that I can survive a night without her in my bed.

I promise that I’ll kill anyone who dreams of hurting her.
And when people try to take her from me. I do just that.

She might think that I’m a monster, but I’m the only one for her.

This is a standalone dark mafia romance with a HEA!

Category:New Adult & College Romance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance
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