Riccardino by Andrea Camilleri

Riccardino by Andrea Camilleri

epub | 1.47 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 0143136798 | Author: Andrea Camilleri, Stephen Sartarelli | Year: 2020


The long-awaited last novel in the transporting and beloved New York Times bestselling Inspector Montalbano series
“At eighty, I foresaw Montalbano’s departure from the scene, I got the idea and I didn’t let it slip away. So I found myself writing this novel which is the final chapter; the last book in the series. And I sent it to my publisher saying to keep it in a drawer and to publish it only when I am gone.” -Andrea Camilleri

Montalbano receives an early-morning phone call, but this time it’s not Catarella announcing a murder, but a man called Riccardino who’s dialed a wrong number and asks him when he’ll be arriving at the meeting. Montalbano, in irritation, says: “In ten minutes.” Shortly after, he gets another call, this one announcing the customary murder. A man has been shot and killed outside a bar in front of his three friends. It turns out to be the same man who called him.

Thus begins an intricate investigation…

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