NCH DreamPlan Plus 6.52

File size: 7.7 MB

DreamPlan Home Design Software is a user-friendly application whose main function is to provide you with the proper means of creating a 3D plan of your future home, in just a few steps.
The program is very easy to work with, featuring several tabs corresponding to the operations you can perform, namely: ‘Building’, ‘Exterior’, ‘Interior’ and ‘Landscaping’.
From the ‘Building’ section of DreamPlan Home Design Software, you can create your house from scratch, adding walls of any length you want, that will automatically be placed in straight angles. The utility enables you to select from three types of windows: ‘Classic’, ‘Sliding’ and ‘Panel’. You can also add ‘Interior’ and ‘Exterior’ doors or ‘Door Frames’.

DreamPlan Home Design Software allows you to choose the ‘Floor Style’ from several available ‘Textures’, in a color of your prefer. Moreover, you can add a ‘Roof’, with plenty of style options to select from, and adjust its ‘Slope’ and ‘Eave’ levels. Last, but not least, you can paint the walls of your house in any color you want.

Home & Floor Plan Design

Switch between 3D, 2D, and blueprint view modes

Easily design floor plans of your new home

Easy-to-use interface for simple house design creation and customization

Landscape & Garden Design

Plant trees and gardens

Build the terrain of outdoor landscaping areas

Visualize your new outdoor swimming pool design

additional content to spruce up your outdoor living space

Interior & Room Design

Include every detail in your kitchen design

Explore bathroom design ideas prior to building

Plan home decor with 3D furniture, fixtures, appliances and other decorations

Lay out and design your unfinished basement

Remodeling, Additions & Redesigning

Create walls, multiple stories, decks and roofs

Try colors and textures before you commit

Transform existing rooms

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