Mrs Doubtfire Cookbook by Brooklyn Niro

Mrs Doubtfire Cookbook by Brooklyn Niro

epub | 1.38 MB | English | Isbn:β€Ž B09GYB2ZT5 | Author: Brooklyn Niro | Year: 2021


This cookbook includes highly selected recipes from the movie of all time ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’. First, all the recipes are transformed in wholesome ways. Knowing the relationship between Daniel and his family, a lot of people can relate. Eating foods they eat in different family situations will make you feel as if you are a part of them. You are one of them!

Recipes included are of all kinds, so anyone can find what is their favorite. Having to eat these with your folks brings back all the memories you made, all the times when you watched the movie, and how emotional it was seeing Daniel get away from his family. Now you have got a chance to enjoy the movie with these world-class recipes.

Following are some of the recipes in this book:
[*]Cranberry-Orange Vodka Slush
[*]Apple Cider Smash
[*]Garden Vegetable Tomato Sauce
[*]Marinara sauce
[*]Mrs. Doubtfire’s Shrimp Scampi
[*]Baked Spinach Supreme
[*]Banana Split Supreme
[*]Pumpkin Charlotte

And more! Grab this book and get started!
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