Miss Elkins and the Invisible Horse by Sahara Kelly

Miss Elkins and the Invisible Horse by Sahara Kelly

epub | 257.41 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09F8WR2Y8 | Author: Sahara Kelly | Year: 2021


Trusting in science isn’t always easy, but sometimes trusting your heart is even harder…

Miss Aurelia Elkins is everything a young lady is supposed to be. Friendly, quiet-natured, attractive, and always ready to help. Her one private passion is her borealiscope, a strange device that she believes will produce fascinating results.

Rowland Treadwell, Earl Withersham, isn’t impressed with it, but she’s a close friend, and has been since childhood. He is prepared to indulge her little idiosyncrasies.

But when his prize foal vanishes, he’ll do anything to get him back, even use Aurelia’s device. United in the search, both Rowland and Aurelia will go to any lengths to get the horse back…although falling in love wasn’t quite what either of them anticipated.

Category:Victorian Historical Romance, Victorian Historical Romance, Fantasy Romance

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