Geography Today by Ian Muehlenhaus

Geography Today by Ian Muehlenhaus

epub | 33.74 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 1440872260 | Author: Muehlenhaus, Ian; | Year: 2019


Geography Today provides a thoughtful and thorough introduction to the study of geography-from maps and technology to the study of different cultures, political systems, and economies, and an investigation of plate tectonics and climate systems.
Geography Today: An Encyclopedia of Concepts, Issues, and Technology approaches the study of geography by concept, in contrast to most other works, which are organized by world region.
Geography curriculums have been moving away from teaching the topic on a regional basis and toward teaching it through broader concepts. This is modeled by the National Geography Standards, the National Council for Geographic Education’s Roadmap for 21st Century Geography Education, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Resource System, and ABC-CLIO’s own geography advisory board, comprised of high school geography teachers from across the United States.
By introducing geography concepts, Geography Today sets the foundation for readers to understand why certain geographies may be the way they are. It further helps high school geography students to apply concepts to different contexts with 101 geography terms, themes, and concepts for quick-reference research and study.

[*]Provides readers with a concise explanation of geography concepts as laid out in the U.S. National Geography Standards
[*]Provides real-world examples of geography in action
[*]Contains numerous resources to help readers fully understand the study of geography in the 21st century.
[*]Includes an A-to-Z quick reference section that enables students to dive deeper into specific terms, themes, and concepts
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