Cuba An American History by Ada Ferrer

Cuba An American History by Ada Ferrer

epub | 20.18 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 1501154559 | Author: Ada Ferrer | Year: 2021


An epic, sweeping history of Cuba and its complex and intimate ties to the United States-from the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the present day-written by celebrated New York University professor and daughter of Cuban immigrants. In Cuba, the passing of Fidel Castro from this world and of Raul Castro from power have raised urgent questions about the island’s political future. In the US, Barack Obama’s opening to Cuba and the reversal of that policy following the election of Donald Trump have made the nature of the historic relationship between the two countries a subject of debate once more. In both countries, the time is ripe for a new reckoning with Cuba’s history and its relationship to the United States. Now, award-winning historian Ada Ferrer delivers an epic, sweeping narrative of more than 500 years of Cuban history, reconceived and written for a moment when history itself seems up for grabs. Starting on the eve of the arrival of Columbus…

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