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Develop your own slogan and elevator pitch using creative advertising techniques.If you had to define yourself in 30 seconds to land a job or present a personal project, what would you say The right words can make all the difference, and there’s no one better to help you find them than copywriter and creative director Andreia Ribeiro who has worked with companies like Mercedes-Benz and McDonald’s. In this course, Andreia teaches you copywriting techniques to help you create your own slogan and present your personal brand. Learn step by step how to creatively boost your brand to captivate your target audience.

What is this course’s project
Create a slogan and a minute-long video of your elevator pitch to sell your personal brand.

Who is it for
This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to better present themselves in both their personal and professional lives. It is also great for anyone who is timid, shy, or has trouble expressing themselves and wants to show the world what they’re made of.

What you need
No prior knowledge is needed to take this course. The only materials needed are a notebook or computer to take notes and a video camera or a smartphone.

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