Concealed Paranormal Suspense – Nancy Corrigan

Concealed Paranormal Suspense – Nancy Corrigan

epub | 555.64 KB | English | Isbn:9781946672537 | Author: Nancy Corrigan | Year: 2021


Two lovers, one choice: Destroy Heaven or Hell?
Allie has been held hostage for longer than she can remember, which is pretty much forever. To earn her freedom – and her wings – she must liberate a former goddess from Hell. But an angel trapped in a human’s body can’t enter the devil’s lair. Unless she mates one of his sons. And Rhys is the only Huntsman she desires. He’ll also tear down the Gates of Heaven to keep her.
Rhys is sick of the heavenly game targeting his family. He doesn’t care how it started or why, but it’s stopping on his watch. Because nobody is taking Allie from him. Somewhere along the way, she claimed his heart and awakened a part of him that burns with needs he can’t ever smother. Quite simply, he loves Allie and refuses to lose her. Ever.
So this is it. Someone is going to die. A realm will crumble. A throne left vacant. Because he’s calling.

Rhys and Allie’s story is the final book in the Wild Hunt series. Concealed also concludes the Devil’s story.
Nancy’s Note: Welcome to the Wild Hunt™ where the line between hero and antihero is a murky shade of gray and love really does tame the beast! Escape reality with the Devil and his cursed children in a twisted and intriguing retelling of the Wild Hunt myth where you’ll find:
[*]The bedroom door is always left open
[*]Passionate, powerful, and confident men
[*]Strong, dangerous, and smart women
[*]Unbreakable family ties between brothers, sisters, and immortals
[*]Loyal demon dogs and ghostly horses
[*]Danger, action, adventure, and spine-tingling suspense
[*]Page-turning thrilling story that will leave you reading late into the night
[*]Intricate series storyline that keeps you spellbound
[*]Otherworld creatures from Norse and Gaelic Mythology [*]Chronicles of everlasting love to get lost in
[*]Paranormal romance series to put on your one-click wish list [*]Mystery and supernatural thriller storyline

———Download today and join the Wild Hunt™ on an exciting saga of sacrifice, betrayal, loss, redemption, and a guaranteed series happily ever after that spans Heaven and Hell.

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