VIOLET SKY Second Chances – Eve Marian

VIOLET SKY Second Chances – Eve Marian

epub | 323.22 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09CHKZWFK | Author: Eve Marian | Year: 2021


Public Relations Executive Michaela Morrone’s world was turned upside down after she met the mysterious Business Tycoon Hunter Durand. Now, she must find a way to set it to rights or risk losing Hunter, her freedom and even her life.

In VIOLET SKY Forbidden Love, Michaela learns who she really is, but can’t move forward until she knows the whole truth. In VIOLET SKY Second Chances, Michaela returns to Italy where she discovers her true potential and an unexpected ally. But even with help, Michaela is arrested and found guilty of her past crimes.

Hunter has not given up on Michaela even though her mother’s past and his venom makes it impossible for them to be together. But those are not the only obstacles. Hunter is no longer searching for strangers who want to hurt Michaela, now, he must protect her from his own predatory family.

Finding herself among supernatural beings, Michaela has to decide how much of her humanity she must lose in order to gain what she loves.

Note: This is the second part of Hunter and Michaela’s journey and would be enjoyed best if read after VIOLET SKY Forbidden Love. Some scenes and language are intended for a mature audience.
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