Vik Shot Callers Book 2 – Belle Aurora

Vik Shot Callers Book 2 – Belle Aurora

epub | 428.02 KB | English | Isbn:β€Ž B09FXS3HY2 | Author: Belle Aurora | Year: 2021


Nastasia Leokov has loved her brother’s best friend since the very moment she met him. Understanding that she’ll never be anything more to Viktor Nikulin than a treasure to guard, Nas sensibly hides her feelings. But when she makes a brash decision to kiss him, everything changes.

That kiss. That hot, explosive, all-consuming kiss.
It haunts Vik. And suddenly, Nastasia Leokov isn’t just a teenage mob princess.
She is his. Undeniably. Indisputably.

An unbreakable connection. A hidden relationship. A lifetime of firsts.
And yet, something is missing.
Nas desperately craves the one thing Vik has never offered her.

His heart.

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