Tempting Him An M M Age Gap – Isabel Lucero

Tempting Him An M M Age Gap – Isabel Lucero

epub | 310.59 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B08ZMSQP87 | Author: Isabel Lucero | Year: 2021


When my dad called to lecture me about how it’s time to settle down, quit partying, and get a job that will actually prepare me for life after college, I agreed. Mostly.
After spring break, I’ll buckle down and be ready to work, but until then, I’m getting my fill of fun. Which is why when I spot an attractive man sitting alone at a bar, I approach him with the hopes of being able to tempt him into a night full of pleasure. After all, being with an older guy is just about the only thing I haven’t done.
When I wake up in his bed with a note that makes it clear he doesn’t intend on seeing me again, I take it in stride. But when I show up to the job my dad set up for me, it turns out my new boss, Aleksander Drakos, is the guy who thought he’d be done with me after a one-night stand. On top of that, apparently he’s a friend of my dad’s.

Trying to remain professional is pointless. Working with him day after day is just too tempting to not have another taste.

Category:Bisexual Romance, Gay Romance, Multicultural & Interracial Romance

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