Sundown Apocalypse by Leo Nix

Sundown Apocalypse by Leo Nix

epub | 589.49 KB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-0648220336 | Author: Leo Nix | Year: 2017


It is the end of days, the Apocalypse of Revelations has begun and terrorists have effectively taken out the super powers cleansing the planet of the ‘disease of civilisation’. ​Small bands of survivors are forced to confront the horrors of a psychopathic enemy. They fight back the only way they can – with sudden and savage violence.

Having won command of the Alice Springs military force Sundown’s commando is now in a position to pose a real threat to the Revelationist terrorists. What was supposed to be a holiday patrol to the hot springs on the Diamantina plains turns into a nightmare for the commando but a series of heroic sacrifices is needed to save them. A startling development with the secret Pine Gap facility may prove to be a boon or a curse for their community and for Sundown himself.

Book 4 of the Sundown Apocalypse series.

Also in this series:
Book 1: Sundown Apocalypse
Book 2: Sundown Apocalypse 2: Urban Guerrilla
Book 3: Sundown Apocalypse 3: Homeland Defense

Set in the harsh Australian outback: Simpson Desert, Marree, Birdsville, Diamantina, Alice Springs, Pine Gap, Longreach.

If you enjoyed Devon C Ford’s ‘After it Happened’ series then this is the series for you – hard-hitting, fast-paced adventure without the fluff.

“This is an outstanding series… am waiting with baited breath to get all of the books. An outstanding wordsmith…each page jumps alive as you read. Keep up the great work!” GA
“Reading this series has been one of the highlights of my life. As an Aussie who has lived in the Northern Territory, I have such wonderful memories of places and people, so much like those Leo Nix has given the reader. The author has created a truly wonderful story that encompasses all that is good, and bad, in human nature. Beginning with the Apocalypse and following groups of people who gradually come together. There is so much to experience that it’s a rush to turn page after page in order to keep up. Desert Strike keeps the momentum going and I laughed, sighed and cried all over again. The dialogue was real as was the war action. Even the fact that it is so often the womenfolk who tend the homefires was realistic. The ending came so suddenly it was a shock, but still perfect for the story. I just hope the next book isn’t too long in coming. I dream of maybe a 9 book series, Mr Nix!” KayM
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