Runaway to Romance A sweet and – Cathryn Brown

Runaway to Romance A sweet and – Cathryn Brown

epub | 361.03 KB | English | Isbn:‎ 1945527471 | Author: Cathryn Brown | Year: 2021


“Southern ladies didn’t make a scene. Her mother would tell her to march her hiney back into that church and marry the man.”
Cassie’s in her wedding dress and ready to walk down the aisle. Minutes later, she’s a runaway bride on her way to nowhere. Two Hearts, Tennessee, fits that description perfectly.
She’s also a wedding planner. When someone in her profession is a runaway bride, the story’s so sweet that she needs to stay hidden for a while.
Greg returned to Two Hearts to be the sheriff after years as a big city cop-and his fiancée dumping him. He’s living over the garage at his mother’s house (how did that happen?) and just doing his job.
Then he gets a call about a redhead in the diner wearing a wedding dress.
His life and the town are turned upside down.
Cassie wants to help Two Hearts while she’s hiding from her ex-groom and the media. She may have some ideas to give a boost to the dying town.
Cassie has a thriving business in Nashville. Greg’s tied to Two Hearts.
Will she be able to help the town AND avoid falling for the sheriff? The town, maybe. The sheriff? She’s pulled closer to his heart every minute she’s there.
Author’s Note: A runaway bride. A charming small town. Laughter and fun. A hero who has to stay. A heroine who needs to leave. Sweet and clean.

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