Leaked by Spencer Guerrero

Leaked by Spencer Guerrero

epub | 244.77 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09GDBYP2Y | Author: Spencer Guerrero | Year: 2021


How far would you go to ruin the person who ruined you?
This is the story of Heather Chang. A fiery, quick-tempered high school student who lives in the fictional small town of Gillwood, Florida. She enjoys reading, creating memes, and getting revenge at anyone who wrongs her in any way.

One sunny morning at Gillwood High, her whole world changes forever when she’s privately approached by Jacob Boruta, a malicious computer hacker and classmate. She catches his eye, and he makes a grand romantic gesture to show his affection, despite never having met her before. It all turns sour when Jacob makes an inappropriate, sexual advance towards her. She grows angry, violently rejects him, and takes the opportunity to record and humiliate him for what he’s done. When she exposes what he did online, Jacob plots revenge. He hacks into Heather’s phone, steals her nude pictures, and leaks them all over social media in order to completely shame and degrade her. Soon after, Heather begins receiving a barrage of toxic and verbal abuse online. This leaves Heather furious and seeking revenge herself. She enlists the help of a sympathetic athlete named Eddy and together they plan to make Jacob’s life absolutely miserable.

Jacob just doesn’t take it however – he continually strikes back with equal force and the two become intertwined in a bitter feud that involves relentless bullying, vicious lies, chaotic fights, and shocking betrayals.

While all of this unfolds — a parallel storyline from a year earlier is told from Indira’s perspective, Heather’s former friend and classmate who suddenly left school, never to return. She sheds light on dark secrets from her past which involve herself, Eddy, and Heather. As a result, Heather’s ultimate quest for revenge transforms into something much more complicated when she’s forced to grapple with the unintended consequences of her past actions once they surface in the present day.

This socially relevant thriller explores the consequences of bullying, the destructive nature of revenge and the complexities of granting forgiveness to those who may never deserve it.

Perfect for fans of YA mystery/thrillers like One Of Us Is Lying and 13 Reasons Why.

Category:Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Physical & Emotional Abuse, Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Physical & Emotional Abuse, Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Bullying

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